Rohan  Khopkar, MS

Rohan Khopkar, MS


worked as a member of Dr. Diwan’s Lab from 2014-2015 during my undergraduate studies at Washington University in St. Louis. During this time I studied bypassing autophagic machinery with simple macromolecules as a method of cytoprotection through signaling. My work at the Diwan lab was a strong foundation for my exposure to the research world and reinforced a strong interest in biological sciences. I graduated from Washington University in St. Louis in 2018 with a BS in biomedical engineering and in 2020 a Masters in Data Science and Machine Learning aiming to apply machine learning techniques to genomic problems. I am grateful to Dr. Diwan and his team for teaching me best practices in documentation, experimentation and presentation and of course, fueling my passion for the biological sciences. I’m currently a data scientist at Boeing. Interested in machine learning- deep learning, computer vision and natural language processing.